Tuesday, August 9, 2011

3 months and back

Tuesday, Aug 9th 2011

Dear brother,

I'm coming back home. After 3 months. I know you are looking forward to me being home, mostly because of the video games I bought for you, but also to have your brother around. You know, doing brotherly things.

I cant believe it has been 3 months since I am here. Time just seems to pass us by so quickly. I cant believe I have left Singapore for more than 3 months now. It does seem like a strange dream. All things end. A new chapter begins. Just like that.

The past 3 months it does seem like life has been put on hold. I'm sheltered with a lot of rest, TV, sleep, gym, and arts. Of course it is good for health, but it's also driving me nuts. I'm someone that constantly move forward. But it was a good break. Plus I got to see a lot of friends from the US. Plus I got a lot of shopping. Haha. All is well!

I'm reflecting a little bit. I guess I'm going home this time for real, doing things I want to accomplish in Vietnam. Being a better brother. Being a good uncle to be. Being an entrepreneur. Being someone who guide and help Vietnamese. Being the guy I didn't have the chance to become when I was in Singapore because of the financial worries and and the stress of life. Being an artist. Being a Buddhist. Being me.

So I'm looking forward to it with lots of excitement. Things will change and plans change all the time. But I'm ready to embrace change.

It's gonna be a good fun time!

With love