Friday, April 26, 2013

Square One plus

Canada, Apr 26th 2013

Dear brother,

It's been almost a year since I last wrote a letter. Much have changed. Much have happened. I blamed the lack of letters on technology (We Facetime every week). But I am back, and I'm determined to write all these letters to prepare you for what will happen in the next two years, before all of these letters will be sent to you: The day you turn 18.

So, just to recap, previously on "The six months without letters"
- I moved to Canada to pursue my Master in Computer Science
- I'm struggling to settle down here, make new friends, and catch up with a lot of work.
- There have been some challenges, but I'm coping with them
- The winter here lasts 6 months, but spring is in the air
- I am determined to get you over here and help you get out of Vietnam

So here we are again brother. I hope when you read these letters, you are already in Canada. I know you have not yet been here, but I know this is the place for you, at least for the first part of your life as an adult. I know you love the liberal attitude of the people here. I am sure too that the education system here will do you a lot of good too.

Hang in there brother. We will do this together. We will reunite. For this is me 28. I'm no longer 18 and helpless, running away from Vietnam just for myself. I'm 28, experienced, (sort of) mature, and I am a responsible parent to you.

Let's realize dreams.

With love
Your brother.