Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Almost lovers

Calgary, 13th January 2015

My dear brother,

I found myself back home in Calgary with a severe case of the flu, and a new relationship. Well, we have been "together" for almost a year (We eat dinners, have sex, and watch Criminal Minds frequently), but somehow, we finally took the leap of making it official. It wasn't romantic or anything. I nudged Dannie by asking "Are we together?", and Dannie replied "Yes, perhaps we should stop seeing other people".

Of course, being the romantics that we are (#sarcasm), we each had the whole speech prepared (which also gives space of exits for the others). I think it's pragmatic, and romantic, in a way. Again, this is inappropriate to share with your dude-brother, but I will still share anyways (Because I want to share all of life's major moments with you)

Me to Dannie: "You know Dan as a Caucasian you can be as old as dirt, and young attractive Asians would still fall right into your lap. But I am not with you because you are white Dan. I am with you because you are sexy, intelligent, ambitious, and kind Dan. If we are just sex then I guess I can't compete with that. Possibilities. I can be a better person than someone in some aspects. But there will always be younger, hotter, better people out there on the internet. I am not a cow, and eventually this milk will not be for free. I want to stop looking, hooking up with random people. You can never find what you need if you do not stop looking"

Dannie to me: "I spent a lot of time thinking when you were away. One, I miss you. Two, I really really like you. I love your intellect, and our conversations, and the sex. I want to be with you. You are someone I envision I could potentially spend my life with. I'd like for us to head there. So, maybe we should stop seeing other people."

I thought it was romantic. So, new year, new relationship. My Facebook status update has yet exploded with comments and questions. So I guess it is good. Suddenly the Vietnamese people become so less nosy.

I hope this will last. I hope you will get a chance to meet (and like) Dannie

With love


Vietnam, 9th Dec 2014

My dear brother,

This letter finds you when I’m back home after 2 years. With technology such as Skype, Facebook messenger, and other “social networks”, it feels like we were never far. Yet, I feel anxious to be closer to you, to mom and dad. I never thought I really miss home, or Vietnam, or you guys, but I am glad to be home.

There are many truths I will have to tell you in this trip. There are many news to break, new milestones to turn, and new hurdles to overcome. There are people in my life you will get to know.

I am not sure how you will react to it all. But this is my truth, and I can’t no longer hide. You are my truth, and my family, so I should no longer hide.

My dear brother, I hope for your acceptance, and forgiveness.

With love