Saturday, January 7, 2012

Looking forward, 2012

Jan 2012,

Dear brother,

I'm sorry 2011 ended in such a low note for you (and for us). You are not doing too well in school right now and I know you are under a lot of pressure. I know what it's like to grow up in the house of expectation. I'm sorry you have to go through it too. I didn't want it for you. I'm sorry.

Well, I guess the good news is, 2012, I'll be home more often. I'm planning to leave my job. And unlike 2011 when I just resign without a job offer, without a plan, without a clear vision of what it is like; In 2012, I have a plan. I have enough to sustain life for a while. I have different directions I can take. I have a long list of things I wanted to do. And I'm gonna do it.

Life takes waiting, and planning. But most of all, brother, life takes courage. It's so easy to be afraid. Afraid of uncertainties, afraid of disappointing people you love, afraid of being who you are. But well, at some point, you'd be afraid of being afraid. And you have 2 choices, to adapt or to break free. 2012, I'm breaking free. I hope the same for you.

I hope and i wish to be a better brother for you. The fact is, my life is sometimes such a mess I didn't even know where to start being there for you. But I'll try harder this year. I guess the best way to be the best brother for anyone is to be the best person I can be myself. And that, I need to be courageous enough to stop waking up feeling like I'm going to be tortured to the day to get paid.

Change is coming. For you too. I can see that. So hang in there!

With love