Sunday, January 12, 2014


Be water, my friend,
As anything could happen,
and everything ends...

The heart aches
(No matter how much you hold on,)
your heart breaks.

Winter, spring, summer, fall,
the moon is dark, then she is full.
The ocean holds your heart,
as she soothes your (longing) soul.

Jan, 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014


(Wheeling, WV, US – Jan 2nd 2014)
(Just so you know I still write poems little bro)

There is always tomorrow… (Or is it?)
There is always enough time, in our little finite lives of infinites
To love a bit more
To feel a little more
To laugh once more
To cry again
(Or can we?)

All around us are miracles.
The snow vastly cleanses the mountains high and the river low,
(the shaken branches, the shivered bears, the swimming fishes, and the broken souls)
The sunlight falls over the shades of turquoise in the ocean,
(and illuminates all other colors that you and I both once loved)
The lingering sound of the rain deafens the cries of the wolves,
(of the young mothers who lose their babies, of the fallen dying deer on the side walk)
The quiet scent of spring awakens in each cherry blossoms, wild dandelions,  
(each of the gentle strands in your hair, the lasting touch of your fingers the morning of goodbyes)
That gaze in your eyes
is the miracle of life itself,
(that made me fall in love and broke my heart)
all condensed in exact one moment.

Why wait my darlings,
when all surround us are miracles?
To love a bit more
To feel a little more
To laugh once more
To cry again
(Shall we?)

There maybe tomorrow
(that I really don’t know. I was once sure, but I am no longer)
There is today
Life is both infinite and finite
Life is both fragile and everlasting
(Life is kind of like you and I,
star-crossed yet ever-loving.
Or was it just me, alone in all this duality?)

Tomorrow. Today.