Thursday, November 24, 2011

You are worth it


Dear brother,

Happy Thanks Giving day. I know you are having exams and life seems pretty tough, but you'll make it.

Today I'll tell you about how much you are worth it. You worth everything in life. You deserve only the best.

Life is short. Someone wise once told me "Never put your life on hold for work, or for anything. Because when work doesn't work out or your effort doesn't get rewarded, when you turn around, there will be nothing left. Choose wisely. I may not have the latest promotions and the best bonuses, but I get to see my little daughter growing up".

It is important, brother, as you grow up, to have your own self esteem and self worth. No matter how they treat you, no matter what they tell you, you are worth it. And as long as you know the person that you are and stick to your integrity, your guts, and your openmindedness to learn, you are worth it.

Today was a bizarre day. I ran across town attend a last minute meeting because someone went back on their words of the agreement. And then during the meeting got called back for another change. I was then informed of people not "liking" my presence and I need to watch my back. So much for the day I try to be thankful for.

The nice lady at the office advised me, this is the way things go, you need to go with it and go with the politics and do a good job; if not you are gonna forever be stuck here. Well, that's only 2 options. I have option 3. How about doing a good job, get things done, and if they fail to see that because of some personal bias, you can leave without regret.

Because I am worth it. I am worth the adoration and appreciation, because I learn hard and I work hard. And I know you will, too. Don't let others trick you into believing you have to play their games to win. Don't try to make friends with the bullies. Sometimes, walking away after trying all your best is already winning.

Whatever it takes, brother, know that we all are worth it. Once we learn, we grow, and we do our best, that's already enough.

Whether they "like" it or not, and whether that will translate to money or not, trust me, eventually it will no longer matter.