Sunday, December 28, 2014

Loser like me

Cambodia, 26th Dec 2014
My dear brother,
I’m writing this note to you from Cambodia, the city of temples and monasteries. It is beautiful and untouched, yet ridden with poverty and sadness. Maybe it was just me.
I am sad. Travelling with a Caucasian reminded me how much it sucks to be a colored-Asian man. I am second class citizen in Western countries. I am second class citizen right at home in Asia. That, is my truth.
I told my friends the other day “Happy ever after do not happen to people like me”. What is people like me, I wonder? Someone who is kind, generous, with integrity. Someone who is not traditionally beautiful. Happiness is meant for beautiful people…
I hope your life will turn out better. I hope you’d belong. I hope for a world in your next generation where who you are, what you do matters more than a Facebook profile and a series of one-night-stands.
I wish happiness ever after for you. Because it is never for losers like me…

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