Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Vietnam, 9th Dec 2014

My dear brother,

This letter finds you when I’m back home after 2 years. With technology such as Skype, Facebook messenger, and other “social networks”, it feels like we were never far. Yet, I feel anxious to be closer to you, to mom and dad. I never thought I really miss home, or Vietnam, or you guys, but I am glad to be home.

There are many truths I will have to tell you in this trip. There are many news to break, new milestones to turn, and new hurdles to overcome. There are people in my life you will get to know.

I am not sure how you will react to it all. But this is my truth, and I can’t no longer hide. You are my truth, and my family, so I should no longer hide.

My dear brother, I hope for your acceptance, and forgiveness.

With love

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